The Data Scratchpad is a new tool for people working in the data field
who use data files and streams

Properly understand your data sources

Use powerful inspection functions, at the level of byte, code point and text.
Parse structured content using detailed control over delimiters, with broad encoding support including endianness.

Profile with ease

Profiling tools for file format and field content accelerate your work.

Draft analysis ideas

Explore analysis ideas quickly, with a suite of data analysis and statistical analysis commands.

Save time

Script-based inspection and analysis of data sources.
Saves Data Engineers, Analysts and Scientists from repeated work.

  • No limit on source file size
  • Low memory profile during use
  • Source parameterisation
  • Broad character encodings support
  • Detailed parser control
  • Multi-character delimiter support
  • Analysis windows
  • Smart and powerful filtering
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Multiple data visualisation options
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Third-party library support

All free for the data community

The Data Scratchpad is open source and free for personal and commercial use. Use it at work, at home, at university.

Video demo on YouTube

Join the Slack community to discuss usage.

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Please send feedback while the software is at an early stage heart

Current application version: 0.1

Licensed under GNU GPL v3. No warranties given or implied.

Conceived and created by David Charles LinkedIn Twitter